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Traditionally, the development teams write code that meets the business requirement in terms of functionality. Such code may have flaws that can lead to security vulnerabilities. Hence, most of the vulnerabilities in applications are due to security loopholes arising out of insecure coding practices. A source code review is the best and an effective mechanism to identify code-level security flaws in an application.

We perform a combination of automated code security scanning and a thorough manual review to detect security flaws in the code.

Our Approach

  • Application Environment Understanding
  • Automated source code review
  • Manual source code review
  • Removal of possible false positives
  • Report Generation

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Kerala Security Audit and Assurance Centre (KSAAC), is a division under the Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (formerly, IIITM-K) for offering security auditing services, training programs and research activities in the area of cyber security.

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