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Kerala Security Audit and Assurance Centre (KSAAC) is established at Digital University Kerala campus by Government of Kerala for securing cyberspace and providing security auditing, consulting, training and certification services to various organisations, departments and industries.The KSAAC started its operation with following key objectives:

  • To create a safe and secure cyberspace by performing security auditing of the IT infrastructures and applications developed inhouse and by external agencies like Government, academia and industries.
  • To collaborate with Government, industries and research institutions for developing security auditing tools / mechanisms, cyber security framework and policies.
  • To generate trained resources in the area of cyber security who can meet the huge manpower requirements in the industries.
  • Initiate proactive measures to increase awareness and understanding of cyber security policy and cyber security issues throughout the cyber community and services provided by disseminating security-related information.
  • To act as a central point for identifying and monitoring the vulnerabilities and suggesting real-time mitigation measures for patching these vulnerabilities in the web applications and IT infrastructures.

KSAAC has a highly experienced team of professionals to carry forward its activities like web and mobile applications security auditing, IT infrastructure auditing, digital forensic & analysis, secure code review and accessibility compliance auditing, etc.

The KSAAC offers internships to the freshers and the undergoing B.Tech, M.Tech., MBA, MSc students in the area of cyber security.

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Kerala Security Audit and Assurance Centre (KSAAC), is a division under the Kerala University of Digital Sciences, Innovation and Technology (formerly, IIITM-K) for offering security auditing services, training programs and research activities in the area of cyber security.

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